Wednesday, 28 October 2015


For every book, I have a particular chapter which I call the soul of the book. It's that 21 grams, may be a small part of the book, but I know that the whole book is written for this one chapter.
In IAm16 ICanRape, chapter 6.4 and chapter 10.1 are those chapters for me. Everything else is periphery, these chapters are the center.
For my second book, there is a chapter 15.9- I call it soul of my second book.
Today, my characters gave me one such chapter for third book. If the step out line doesn't change much, then the chapter would be numbered 17.6. The title of this chapter in my head is NAKED.
Yes, I always have names of the chapter in my head.
Chapter 6.4 I call- Aarush and his fantasy world
Chapter 10.1 I call- Facing the Father

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Monday, 26 October 2015


Today I officially started writing the 3rd book- technically- part 2 of second book.

Today I am officially starting to write the third book of Yin Yang Series. Technically, it is part 2 of the second book. I had kept this work on halt for past few weeks because I was moving to the USA. Today, I will be moving in my apartment and same day I wanted to start with the work. It will take me some time to write this book because lot of research is needed.
The second book of the series came out too organically. As a matter of fact, I NEVER STOPPED WRITING THE FIRST BOOK. It is just that I published part of it because it was good enough to tell the story in totality. But in my mind, my characters continued with their lives and did so many things that surprised even me- the writer.

But for this book, I will need to have my data in place. So, as the book needs-
1- More research
2- Plus, I have moved to a new country, I need to make new adjustments and commitments around the time I have to write.
I think it will take me around 6 months to finish this book- the first draft.
But I felt great because after weeks today- I wrote something. I wrote just 143 words- but they felt good. Meeting my characters again in my mental space is always a wow feeling.

Monday, 19 October 2015


In the first TREATMENT, a 15 page document depicting the structure of story, of my book IAm16 ICanRape, Aarush Kashyap was hardly a character worth noticing. He was mentioned here and there like most of the time a spoiled brat from rich family who commits certain kind of crimes are portrayed in Hindi films.
It was during one of brainstorming session with my spouse Mrityunjay Gautam that the idea of creating a very strong antagonist surfaced in my head. He said,
"At the moment, your protagonist fights a winning battle. Your antagonist hardly gives him (Rudransh) any struggle."
I looked at the 15 pages (which by the way, till that time I thought is a work of genius, now I look back and think, WHAT THE HELL WAS I WRITING?)
That was the genesis of an antagonist who stays in the mind.
Most of the people don't like Batman: The Dark Knight because of theBatman, but because of the Batman - Joker.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Writing for me is like watching a movie in MIND

Method Writing
How do I write?
I write exactly the way people watch a movie. Except in my case, the movie runs in my head.
So, I take a seat. I don't grab popcorn because many of my stories don't go well with popcorn. But I surely sit at the edge of the seat.
I hear songs. Lots of them. To me the songs I pick kind of navigate me through the story.
And then, I start writing (actually I voice record most of the things that I write).
After the recording is done, I go back and hear it again and again. Some of my best scenes are the ones which are the EXACT transcription of the recording.
But sometimes, I do fill in the information to reach to the point where the recording starts.

Kirtida Gautam is the Author of #IAm16ICanRape- a novel that questions the Juvenile Justice System of India and raises the voice AGAINST growing rape culture.