Monday, 19 October 2015


In the first TREATMENT, a 15 page document depicting the structure of story, of my book IAm16 ICanRape, Aarush Kashyap was hardly a character worth noticing. He was mentioned here and there like most of the time a spoiled brat from rich family who commits certain kind of crimes are portrayed in Hindi films.
It was during one of brainstorming session with my spouse Mrityunjay Gautam that the idea of creating a very strong antagonist surfaced in my head. He said,
"At the moment, your protagonist fights a winning battle. Your antagonist hardly gives him (Rudransh) any struggle."
I looked at the 15 pages (which by the way, till that time I thought is a work of genius, now I look back and think, WHAT THE HELL WAS I WRITING?)
That was the genesis of an antagonist who stays in the mind.
Most of the people don't like Batman: The Dark Knight because of theBatman, but because of the Batman - Joker.

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