Thursday, 31 December 2015

My reading list of 2016.

My reading list of 2016. 

Finally, my books have arrived to the USA and that gives me the pleasurable opportunity to pile them and take a picture.
These are the books that I will use as the dumbbells to exercise my mental muscles in 2016.
The books that I plan to read but are not here because I don't have the physical copies of these books with me are-
1- The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.
2- Rise of Hastinapura by Sharath Komarraju
3- Brutal by Uday Satapathy

Why is my own book IAm16 ICanRape: The War Against Rape Culture there in the list?
Other than plain narcissism, I have one better explanation.
One of the best ways to be objective about the Craft as a writer is to read the work again after some time. This time gap settles things down in head. Now, when I read the work, I learn a lot from it in terms of craft. Some good things, that I will continue to do in future in other books. Some not-good things, I can improve upon in my future works.
Debashish Irengbam, eager to meet Me, Mia and Multiple.

Kirtida Gautam is a clinical psychologist and author of the novel #IAm16ICanRape: The War Against Rape Culture
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