Friday, 10 July 2015

Grow in height to reach to your stories

Back at Film and Television Institute of India I was writing a screenplay as part of my syllabus assignment work, my mentor Anjum Rajabali told me, "Kirtida, you are too immature at this moment to write this story," I thought, "I am immature? I am IMMATURE to write a certain story?" In my insolence I pursued it for 6 months and then in middle of the term had to stitch on to another story. Today after 7 years to that incident, I know it is going to take me 7 more years to write that story.
What did I learn?
1- I WAS immature,
2- My mentor is a genius- he knew my story is taller than me, I love to write those kinds of stories, but I can't expect them to stoop down, I need to grow to their height if I plan to write them...
Today, I know it is going to take at least 7 more years and 6 more books for me to reach to that story...
This are the moments when I feel heartfelt gratitude for Anjum Sir.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Fiction Writing

One day I was sitting with my friends Atika Chohan​ and Raj Patil​. Atika suggested to me, "You have this issue that you can't be present in Mumbai, why don't you write fictions?" I thought, "Why will I write fiction? I am a screenplay writer?" Today I think, "Why will I EVER thought that I won't write fiction. I am a WRITER," And fiction writing has given me, and is continuously giving me one of the best experiences of my life as a writer. I can't express in words the way fiction writing has changed and evolved me as a writer. I will advice any person who is passionate about story-telling to think of this medium. Fiction writing is THE medium for writers. 

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Goddesses of my Book

I am on vacation, but my characters are NOT. Today since morning I am having such strong itching to write that I fought with my family to sit down and write.

Today I plan to write the Goddess of my second book. Other than the Antiheroes, Goddesses are my most favorite characters to write. Goddess is the "External Feminine" that brings Hero/Antihero back to his journey.

I am simply in love with the Goddess of my first novel, Subhangi Tyagi, she is one of the most striking characters I think I will write in my career. She will stay with me always. I simply love her.

I badly wish that the Goddess of my second book is also going to be a memorable character.