Friday, 28 August 2015

Last lines of first draft of second book- Yin Yang Series

Payal Desai holds a very special place in the journey of my second book of‪#‎YinYangSeries‬. Till the time I finished my first book, there was no second book. There was a sequence in chapter 12.5 that Payal and Mrityunjay Gautam, my outstanding Beta Readers, said will kill the climax of the book IAm16 ICanRape.
I cried for 3 days. I knew that the scene was organic part of Aarush Kashyap's journey but they were adamant that it doesn't belong in the book.
When Payal saw that I have cried enough, her stone-heart melted a little bit. She said, "Why don't you write another book starting with this scene?"
She lives in Hongkong and we were having a webchat, else I would have jumped at her and kissed her on her cheeks thousands of times (she is my younger sister by the way) What an idea Sir-ji!!
That was the genesis of the second book. Of course, at this moment, the step out line on which I started writing the book is so different from the final book that I wonder why exactly was I excited to write a book on that lame step out line. But now I also know when my characters take over, they tell good stories. So, I kind of let myself start working even when the work doesn't look state of art on day one.
I am done with the first draft of the second book of Yin Yang Series.
Final word count of first draft is- 176500
I had broken the book in two part to shorten the length and this is the length I end up with. I guess I can't tell brief stories.