Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Week 2- Stage 1- Brainstorming

Week 2-  Stage 1- Brainstorming
Total Number of Pages of Brainstorming- 100
Total Number of Weeks- 2
Pages Per Week- 50

Did I walk the talk?
I am on schedule. I am over with week 1. I wrote 50 pages of Book 3 Yin Yang. Most of the times, during the first week when I write, the pages are reflection of what I am going through at that stage in life. 

It's important to write these pages because until I have purged out my concerns, I can't pay attention to my characters. My characters behave like Hannibal Lector many a times. We have a Quid Pro Quo. They ask me things about my life. I have to tell them my secrets before they give me any information about themselves. So, this is how generally the first two weeks go. 

Why it is absolutely important to write these 100 pages? 

Every writer feels the uncertainty that the writing process brings. It doesn't matter if it's the first book or the tenth book. The question a writer faces is, "Will I be able to write anything?" 
When the writer forces himself to finish the 100 pages even when they are nothing but ruminating on page, the writer has crossed the first hurdle. He can see and smell these 100 pages. They are real. He knows he can do the physical action of typing and writing. 
Have you seen Karate Kid? 
Do you remember the scene when the Master gives a very simple physical task and asks the apprentice to repeat it again and again? And before the apprentice realizes, he has learnt an important martial arts lesson! 
Something similar happens when the writer forces himself to write the 100 pages of brainstorming. 

If you are following the course, by this week, the first stage will be over and we will move to the next stage-- RESEARCH. 

Brownie Points for Reading: 
The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

Walk the Talk: This week, I plan to write 50 pages for Book 3 of Yin Yang.

See you guys next week.

In Real World:
Excerpt from Brainstorming Pages of #IAm16iCan
I don’t know. I have no idea. Tell me one thing you can finish fast. I can finish some reading. Hmmm. Rape. Yaar, I don’t know. I can’t go on like this. I feel stupid. This brainstorming is turning into morning pages. I feel truly stupid for thinking you can help me finish my book if I stick to whatever it is that you want me to do. I know you are a sucker. You will not help me with anything at all. I am doomed to fail. It sucks to fail again and again. I tell people that I am working when I know that all I am doing is filling pages with my nonsensical mental chatter. You want me to believe that anything logical will come out of this. I don’t think. I honestly don’t think that anything can come out of this mental masturbation.
I learnt that I don’t know anything. My incompetence is haunting me. I can’t form correct sentences and that haunts me too. But there is a voice in my liver that says, “You will figure out a way”. That is the weird part. I always knew that the voice is not coming from my heart but from my liver.

Rule-1- Keep writing 10 pages
Rule-2- No matter how strongly you feel you are not ready; write what you have to write- 10 pages of what you have to write
Rule-3- Keep reading 1 fiction and 1 non-fiction book alternate weeks. Set a target of reading 50 books a year and watching 50 movies.
Bus (Hindi vala Bus), there are no more rules.
These are the 3 rules you can’t disobey if you want a successful writing career. 
    When I say PAGE, I mean Courier Final Draft Font- 1.5 Space. Approximately 300 to 400 words
    When I say "he" I mean both genders. 

    Follow Week By Week Process of Method Writing: A 36 Weeks Program to Finish a Novel
    Week 1- Stage-1: Brainstorming 

    Kirtida Gautam is a clinical psychologist and the author of the novel #iAm16iCan Follow her on Twitter @KirtidaGautam


    1. I'll definitely work acc to your rules and eagerly waiting for next post

    2. I am motivated by your post.. The last part where we get negative vibes is what my case is.. Thanx a tonne for appearing in my life as a guide at right time.. Keep up the good work and stay blessed.. :)

    3. Hi Surbhi, I understand your space too well. It happens with everyone and at every stage of the journey. Sometimes we see someone and feel, man, I wish I can be there. What we need to understand is that the other person is only at another place in his/her journey. All you need to do is keep walking and you will reach EXACTLY where the person has reached. There is a method in this whole madness and it ALWAYS works. So keep up the work and the work that you would love to associate with will find it's voice through you.